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My editor likes me. This is good news for my career as a writer and health and fitness exponent. Chances are very good that he is going to be throwing more work my way. One thing I am almost certain is going to happen is that there are going to more opportunities to present the facts on muscle milk. To be quite honest with you, we’ve barely scratched the surface. The information I’m giving you here certainly helps, but we recommend that you make your own attempts to read up further on this matter. It’s for your own good if you’re that serious about maintaining your weight training schedule and looking after your all round health.

There’s only one more article coming up in this current series where I’ll be asking the question this time. I want to know whether we can use muscle milk like the pros. After a bit of digging, I’m sure we’re going to know how to utilize this tricky and tasty drink smartly. For now though, I’m just thinking on some more facts. But then I thought we’ve had our fill of the side effects of muscle milk, so why not keep it all positive this time round. After I did a bit of close reading, I found that it was quite easy to take a positive view.

But I still have to warn you. Use your discretion when opening up a jar of muscle milk powder for the first time. Read the product label and make sure you’re taking it like you’re supposed to. For now though, let’s get on with some positive need to know facts on muscle milk.

The essential ingredients

Apart from the obvious inclusion, ingredients include carbohydrates, also essential in the weight training or long distance training regime. In one single serving, you’ll be getting about sixteen grams of carbs. A warning though, to those who are focused on losing weight, there’s a high fat content of about twelve grams (per serving). Six grams of the fat is saturated. But if the exercise schedule is right and the eating plan away from the gym is in check, there will be benefits in aiding performance objectives and enhancing body composition when using the muscle milk.

Two key carbohydrates are included. These are your fructose and glucose. This combination can help boost your sports performance. I also found out that fructose is great for endurance boosting purposes during long distance cycling events. Which reminds me. Back in the day when I was pounding the streets doing my long slow distance runs for marathon events, we used to pack in fructose sachets for the trip. I wonder if they still make them. They were tasty syrupy sachets. But the problem was they were also filled with corn.

Sometimes the weight is necessary

Sensitive guys, in more ways than one, should always be in touch with their doctor before touching any supplements. Depending on your fitness goals and your physiological condition, it is necessary to bulk up sometimes. And when you do that, you will be putting on some weight. Here’s the guy that said you should not be taking your milk supplement only after workouts. He gave us the recommendation and did the math. Take the drink before your workouts, he says. And take another chug just before bedtime. That’s three servings per day. So, with one single serving holding around three hundred calories, that’s a total of nine hundred calories altogether. But the guy did make the point of saying that this recommendation is only for those of you who need to bulk up. Otherwise don’t be doing it if you have to lose excess weight due to obesity and poor eating and lifestyle habits.

Rich in antioxidants

That’s where the vitamin content comes in. During strenuous bouts of strength training and other exercise routines which I’m sure many of you will get used to eventually and start to enjoy, oxidative stress that can damage cells is inevitable, but this damage is countered through the use of muscle milk. No less than three vitamins – A, C and E – are rich in antioxidants. There’s also an ingredient included called taurine, and this dude has its basket of antioxidant properties.

And a great big fat buster

Thanks to the protein and its refueling properties, the muscle milk can help you to bust up those excess fat molecules. The high protein content helps to improve your metabolic rate. Muscle milk contains what they call medium chain triglycerides. This ingredient can aid fat loss. This is also called fat oxidation. It’s the burning of fat for providing the muscles with its necessary energy. There are further benefits, but I didn’t think it would be a good idea to include them here. I’ll explain why. It depends on your own sporting discipline.

Different strokes for different folks, they say. We’ve mentioned the cycling endeavor, and I also mentioned my marathon exploits. I’ll be honest with you here. I only ran three. Did pretty well on my first try, coming in almost ten minutes under the three hours. But then I gave it up out of frustration for not recovering in time from a tendonitis injury. I never listened to the proper advice then and took a couple of cortisone injections and ran through the pain. It did more damage in the long run. Anyway, I did make a nice comeback years later. And to think it all started on a whim and over a wager with the guys in the filing room. They dared me to tackle a long distance race walking event which was in excess of fifty miles.

I trained on and off with a devil may care attitude but with the will of an Idris Elba character, I finished the bloody thing. And then I thought, if I could walk through this, I could try out for the marathon again. I did, only at a much slower, near-walking pace.