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It’s crazy, I know. I’m a big fan of Arnold Schwarzenegger. Those guys and even fewer girls who know me that well, won’t understand why this is the case. But those guys that I meet up with regularly in the gym know full well why I hold good old Arnie in such high esteem as my role model. But then again, many of you guys, especially those of you who’ve never been in or seen the inside of a gym in your entire life like this big shot of movies for all the reasons that I didn’t fancy him in the beginning, and to be quite frank with you, still don’t. But like him a lot, I still do. This fun-filled and hopefully inspirational article will explain why. So, this article is for those of you who are just getting started.

It’s going to help you to get past the first few and most difficult steps of transforming your personal life, health and physique from that of being a bulgy, blubbery gello-like dude to a hard, trim, stone-faced, disciplined but happy dude. It’s to do with following the right role models in life to help you make progress. Maybe you don’t like Arnold Schwarzenegger at all. You can still choose your own role models in life. There’s another article I wrote earlier which might hint at the consequences of following those who set a really bad example, whether intentionally or not. That’s the one I wrote about one James Fixx under the byline fitness foodies. You remember that one? Tragic, huh? Now, how does Arnie fit into my definition of being a good role model? Those who know their movies and celebs a lot better than me might be saying he’s not quite an ideal candidate as a good example of being healthy and fit.

But then again, not. I’m talking nonsense. Those who know their Hollywood superstars really well, always ready to go to the net and call up new updates on the stars, will know that where health and fitness, and living a clean, green life is concerned, Arnie might just fit the bill. Those who fall under the definition of complete health and fitness fanatics will be shrieking out in horror the next time they see him chomping on a cigar, whether he’s doing this in a movie or in real life. The thing about Arnie’s cigar smoking habit you’ve got to know is that he never actually smokes the thing like those of you still addicted to cigarettes do. He never inhales any of the cigar smoke. He just checks the decadent aroma and blows it out again. Okay, okay, I get it. It’s still not a clear picture of good health.

The very image of unwholesome decadence sets a poor example for those a lot weaker than most of us. But let’s take another good look at this good guy. You know, he’s pushing seventy right? Hard to believe, huh. Don’t for a moment think that Arnold Schwarzenegger has managed to keep this great physique for so long simply because once upon a time he was a world champion body builder. That was years ago. No, in order to look this fine, he’d still need to be pushing weights and getting out and about in a physically active way. And that’s something he does quite regularly. Not only that, he’s also watching what he eats. At his age, he’s got to be a lot more careful.

Of course, he’s not packing in the weights like he used to, and neither does he need to. Exercise can be quite moderate to make a healthy difference to your life. There’s an emotional reason why I like this dude as well. But before I close off this article on that, let me share my horror on the things I don’t like about Arnold Schwarzenegger. For one thing, I don’t like the majority of his movies. Apart from the fact that he’s no great shakes as an actor, most of the roles he portrays on the silver screen are that of an extremely violent and trigger happy man.

He, like, kills people, doesn’t matter if they’re the most villainous cretins under the sun. The very first Arnie movie really gave me the shivers. I was really scared, grownup and all. In this movie, he wasn’t even human. He was a demonic robot, of all things. But interestingly, our heroine of the day had a sexy pair of biceps on her. She also had courage by the bucket load. Exercise does that. Feeling that you are this strong gives your confidence levels a real boost. And in real life, you see this in Arnold Schwarzenegger.

He oozes confidence. In real life, he’s got a great sense of humor and he’s scared of no-one, not even the president of the US of A. Any of you remember that spat he had with Number One? Anyway, there’s many a fine fan out there, and critics too, who believe that Arnold Schwarzenegger would have made a really good president. But the problem is that he wasn’t born in the country and the constitution would have to be drastically changed in order for this possibility to come to fruition. Something big would have to happen, right.

Anyway, Arnold is a pragmatic guy, and he might be thinking that he’s age is catching up with him. Maybe he’s too old for the toughest job in the world. And anyway, just to close, Arnold Schwarzenegger has got a pretty good track record as a politician. He was a highly successful two term governor of California. One of the big legacies he left in that state was to do with cleaning up the environment in a big way. Today, the environmentally friendly records speak for itself. So, there you have it. Why I like Arnold Schwarzenegger. In health and fitness, and in real life.