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To be a consummate fitness hack. Well, that’s a nice way to put it. Remember my last article on muscle milk where I was talking about what it would take to consume muscle milk like the pros? That’s it then. I’ll go with that, if you don’t mind me saying so.

I would have started this article with the defeatist phrase; just don’t ask me, ask my ed, he’s the guy that came up with this catchy phrase. But no, I’ve done my homework as best I could and have come up with my own interpretation of fitness hacks. It’s definitely an online catchphrase and it’s up to you to use your noodle to apply it anyway you like. Let’s look at two examples before I go on with my own online hack. It’s really just going to be a healthy reminder of the attitude you should be taking to ensure that your health and fitness regime is a successful one and that you’re happy going through with it.

The guys and girls that have gone on to exploit this previously unusual term have turned it upside down. Previously, when you thought of a hack, you always believed that this was a guy who lacked professionalism as a writer, say, and never really knew what he was talking about. You see, I believe that the best writers also talk from personal experience. Everything you read here from me is based, here and there, on my own personal experiences in life, where I was before I got my life together and where I’m at now as a fit and healthy, well, fitness hack.

And another important part of being a fitness hack is being able to interpret really good advice on things like health, fitness, muscle building and muscle milk in friendly words that most guys can understand and enjoy. This means, sifting through the internet like a true pro and picking out the best quotes that work well in context with the ideas being put forward in the article. Enough philosophizing on what the hack a fitness hack is. Let’s get straight down to a few notes of encouragement for those of you still struggling to lace your training shoes and get down to the gym or on the road.

The healthy essentials

There are a few things you need to keep in mind to ensure that your workouts are a success and health and fitness targets are being met. Apart from lifting heavy weights and drinking muscle milk before and after your workouts, there are other important disciplines you need to adhere to. You see the boxers doing this on most days. They’re out on a run. It doesn’t have to be a ten miler; it can be as little as twenty minutes at a soft canter, a pace that you can manage. I was guilty of this once before, and many guys are still falling for it.

This is why a lot of guys get hurt and injured so quickly. Because they’re so in a hurry to get on with their workout, they skip the all-important matter of doing a short routine of stretching exercises. And this is something I learned as well; stretching needs to be done after the workout as well. Apart from helping you to loosen up, it definitely helps to keep your muscles and tendons supple and warm. Do the exercises gently and there’s even less chance of you pulling a muscle.

The importance of being outdoors

The interiors of a crowded gym has been the downfall of many a fine athlete, even the true pros. Granted, many of your top gyms today have environmentally friendly air conditioning systems in place, but given the amount of foot traffic going through the turnstiles on a daily basis, sometimes even twenty four seven, that cool air does get stale. And this is one bad way to catch the flu bug. Granted, you still need to spend a fair amount of time in the gym doing your weights, but in keeping your weekly exercise schedule well-balanced, you get to spend more time outdoors.

Instead of plowing the treadmill like a caged hamster, get out there and go for a run. Run along your favorite paths and try and get down to public parks to take in a bit of the city’s green lung. There is nothing better than the fresh air that your Mother Nature produces for you. Apart from the air being good for your lungs, it’s also good for your skin. The sun’s rays have a nice ingredient called vitamin D, and it’s good for your skin.

The less is more factor

Remember that old saying amongst the toughest of the toughest in the gym? I remember they even named a movie after this stale philosophy. It also reminds me. There’s another role model for you. I remember having a chat with a guy and mockingly asked him; who’s your favorite WWE wrestler. And we both agreed that Dwayne Johnson was that man. The movie was called; No Pain, No Gain. In the exercise world, that’s a dead weight for sure. Pushing yourself to the limits is a complete no-no. Less is more. It’s really okay to quit while you’re ahead. It also diminishes the chances of you getting injured, and burning yourself out.

And the importance of having a really good time

Guys, there’s another reason why guys burn out so quickly and quit. They’re really not enjoying their exercise at all. This is your body talking to you, so listen up. It’s not so much the case that your body’s been overburdened with weights; it’s just that aspects of your unique physiognomy might not be tuned into the prescribed workout. Time to try out something else. And that’s the thing, you need to be doing things that you really enjoy doing. So, if spinning in front of a big screen is your idea of fun then, by all means, go for it.