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Now; who is Idris Elba, some of you might be asking. Maybe you’ve not been watching enough movies and TV shows like some of us still do. I already mentioned him in my earlier work. Here, I’ll try my best to put you in the picture, because I want to go on to the real reason why I would like to consider Idris Elba as a role model as well. But we still need to put good old Arnie to bed first. He needs his sleep. Beauty sleep, anyone? Anyway, the movie buffs can talk to you about why he’s not so good in the acting department.

I’m just going to round off where I left you in my stunning article on Arnold Schwarzenegger. I consider him to be a good role model for the way he continues to conduct most of his life. Forgetting about the tons of movies he’s been making throughout his life, Arnold’s life is pretty well-balanced. He knows how to split his time between work, play and exercising. And while he’s no longer a professional body builder, having to rely on muscle milk and other supplements, he no longer needs to push his ageing body into strenuous weight training regimes.

He leads by example. What he says and does in real life are things that many of us should be adopting in our own personal lives. Never mind the exercise bit, that’s always going to be a going concern, but how you treat others, particularly those that are strangely different from you and how you live your life in terms of looking after your natural environment. I don’t have kids of my own, least I don’t think I do, but this; I believe is quite important if you’re a family man. Not only are you setting a good example for your kids, you’re also playing your part in ensuring that their future is very bright indeed.

And one of the best examples you can set for your young kids is by looking after your own body and mind. It’s all very well to command them to do this and that and push them into extra mural activities at school but sometimes doesn’t help an iota when they see dad lazing about on the coach in front of the TV doing sweet nothing else. Young lads that go on to becoming well-rounded young adults often have their fathers to thank for that. Its human nature and the boys always look up to their fathers for signs on how to lead a good life.

If you, as a father, are exercising regularly and watching what you eat, then there’s a good chance that your boys may follow in your footsteps. It’s like going to church, the temple or mosque. You don’t indoctrinate the kids like I’ve seen other men do, you simply go. My father was always like that, still is as a wise old man. He was like that in the workplace as well. He was never one for barking out orders. He simply got on with the job at hand. And before you knew it, other guys were following in his footsteps. It’s called leading by example, you see.

Now, what has this got to do with British actor, Idris Elba? Well, I’ll be honest with you; I haven’t seen many of his movies but I’ve seen a few that were enough to impress me that he’s pretty cool as an actor. He’s got a nice mix of action man excitement, acting skills and masculine charms that cause the girls to sweat or go weak at the knees. Speaking of the ladies; this impressed me. It’s never a good thing when marriages break up, but so it goes in life. It happened to Idris Elba, not once, but at least a couple of times.

Sorry girls, this might be bad news for you then. I read a snip of news a few weeks ago in which Elba decided that he’s not going to get married ever again. He’s already got his hands full with his current crop of growing kids. Not only that, he believes that the vagaries of his movie career just don’t allow him enough time in the day to commit himself properly to the marriage. He doesn’t want to put another fine lady through neglect and all the frustrations that usually come with it. And if you’re still single, there’s nothing wrong with that either.

It doesn’t mean that you can pretty much do as you please with reckless abandon. You still need to keep it wise, real and healthy. Of course, that’s going to give you plenty more time for exercising. How cool is that? It’s also an ideal time to devote your time to worthy causes. Like cleaning up the rubbish off of your local beach. Or feeding kids at the nearest night shelter. How about that then? You could even become a role model for these guys. You could become their coach and mentor. Help them out with life skills that they’re going to need in the future and get them onto a field to play some soccer.

It’s a far cry better than all the other things that these poor chaps have been forced into at times. And still, where does Idris Elba stand in all of this. Well, listen to this then. I accidentally caught a glimpse of a documentary that got me to sit up and take note. It reminded me that if the players apply their minds and bodies correctly, boxing is still a noble sport. It’s not about beating the other guy into a pulp for a ton of money; it’s about respecting your opponent under adverse circumstances. And so it was for forty something Idris Elba.

He was challenging his body and mind against professionals in the ring. He may have struggled but because of his commitment, he must have won over a ton of new admirers.