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And so here we are. Time for another write-up on matters related to health and fitness and building up those muscles. On that latter exercise, guys, I’d like to point out this is not a vanity project. Sure, it might be great to look like Arnold Schwarzenegger or Idris Elba someday, but guys, isn’t it better to just be healthy, strong and fit. And the new in thing is to be well as well, if you can put it that way. So far, so good, ed is quite pleased with the way this project is panning out. Hope you guys are enjoying your off the cuff reading as well.

Oh, I couldn’t help it, couldn’t wait to tell you guys, so may as well tell you, seeing as I’ve already mentioned their names. Ed suggested that I do a couple of write-ups on role models. I had to ask myself in the beginning, what the heck would that have to do with health and fitness. But then again, I may have had muscle milk bubbles in my brain and hadn’t quite thought the good suggestion through. And so I got thinking. In terms of health and fitness and the guys that have the muscles to die for, Arnold was always on my map.

Since I saw my very first movie, and then his character wasn’t even human, I’ve been a great admirer, and I will be explaining why in a later article. Further down the line, I’ll also tell you why I like Nigerian born British actor, Idris Elba. And guys, you might want to emulate his muscle pack because I read the girls fancy this dude. What’s he got that we haven’t? Find out about that much later. Anyway, it’s back to our talk on fitness foodies. Always on the hunt for a unique angle, I had to wonder why my editor chose this angle.

I could see the possible link with muscle milk, even though it isn’t essentially solid food that you should be consuming every day. But it does have one important thing in common with most healthy foods. It’s loaded with proteins, vitamins and minerals. In the next article, I’m going to be focusing on this aspect as I open the lid on some facts on muscle milk. As I started my research, always asking myself the question; what exactly are fitness foodies, I was blasted with the answers. As I initially thought, it all makes perfectly good common sense.

So, I didn’t need the net to present you with my ideas. Anyway, my ideas on fitness foodies for now then. What I found out, and what I like about the concept is that it is highly versatile. You can go to any country or state in the world and you’ll see guys have their own interpretations and ideas. Scratching through some of the recipe suggestions, it was more good news. This is good news for the guys that need to lose weight yesterday. Because gone are the days when you have to nibble your way through lettuce leaves and rabbit’s carrots.

Many of my fellow writers have become acutely aware of the need to load up on the protein. Protein remains essential for those that wish to lose weight. It is also vital for you guys that need to bulk up on your muscles and build your strength, whether you are fanatical about your looks or need your muscle status for a strength sapping sport or discipline. And that’s also where muscle milk comes in. The names say it all, doesn’t it? The purpose behind using muscle milk is quite simple, really. When you’re pushing weights in the gym or chuffing your way up a steep hill on your bike, you’re burning up excess protein resources that have been stored in your body.

You can do your very best in creating a healthy and balanced diet that emphasizes protein enrichment but you may still find yourself short at times. I’ve been reading this a lot, and most of the writers have been saying that they only take their muscle drinks after their workout. That’s fair enough and there are good reasons unique to each muscle man or scrawny little man or heavily overweight chap’s condition. For instance, that last dude can’t be too careful when taking his muscle drink. Remember what I mentioned in the last article where I answered the big question; does muscle milk have side effects. Excess consumption of muscle milk can cause some guys to pack on excess weight instead of losing it.

But one guy was arguing the case in favor of the majority of guys who are already reasonably fit. Because of the capacity to deplete protein resources on a massive scale, he was advocating the intake of a muscle drink before a workout and at different times of the day or week when you are not exercising. It makes sense, doesn’t it and it all depends on how intense your workout is going to be. Enough of muscle milk talk. We’re going to be doing more of that in the next article where I’ll be dispensing some facts on muscle milk.

Time to finish off with the goodies. Let’s splash out and close off on why I am always hungry for fitness foodies. I can use this recent example from my personal life. One of the things I like to do and need to do as a writer is get down to my favorite mall and explore the bookshops and go through the newspapers of the day. I get a lot of my ideas and inspirations here. But there are restaurants dotted all over the place. One restaurant stands out. It’s entirely a health food restaurant store, and every time I drift past I get the distinct aroma of freshness coming only from this restaurant’s kitchen.

There is nothing better than the smell of a fresh, scented salad. Surprising, huh.