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Right, so I hope you’ve been enjoying your reading so far. Hope you enjoyed my tongue in cheek and stomach take on fitness foodies where I explained why my appetite for food was a healthy one. In that article I spent a bit of time distinguishing between that healthy appetite and those cravings for food that the sedentary guys that have been addicted to junk food have. I’ve decided to carry on this important conversation here. I think I’d like to start with a very important example from history. This should show you why it’s vital that your eating plan is closely monitored even while you consider yourself to be a healthy and active guy.

There was this guy named James Fixx who, back in the day, revolutionized running. He got millions of health conscious folks to buy a pair of training shoes or sneakers, lace them up and start jogging. He even encouraged them to pick up the pace a little and start pounding the pavements as though they were taking part in a full-on marathon. Of course, most of the folks could never reach the scales set by Olympians and world champions, but try they did, and injuries or no injuries, they were having a really good time.

Back in the seventies and early eighties, to many fanatical road runners, James Fixx was the ideal role model. They could relate to him because, to them, he seemed like just another regular guy who wanted to get fit and enjoy life being healthy. In some of the many books he wrote for the running mad public, photographs of how he used to look were shown. He was huge. You could clearly see that he was grossly overweight. And at the height of his fame, this famous writer of running journals was always seen to be lean, mean and trim.

For his age – he was in his forties – he really did look great, and what an inspiration he was for all those ordinary guys and girls to keep on pressing on with their road running. But then this happened. The guy collapsed and died. The running world was in complete shock. How could this perfectly healthy guy suddenly kilter over and collapse and die of a massive heart attack? After all, he was running every day and he seemed to be the epitome of good health. You see, guys, James Fixx made one vital mistake and he never disclosed this in his writings.

I don’t think he deliberately deceived the public, and in hindsight, I’d say that he too was ignorant of the importance of adopting a healthy, balanced diet, even while, and especially while exercising. What Fixx did gravely wrong while running himself into the ground everyday was never change his craving for junk food; burgers, fries and pizzas, sodas and the like. Today, whether you’re exercising or not, you already know that it’s a killer and a half. And so, onto the second half of this vital article. It’s more of a motivation than anything else. All I want to say is that it’s okay to be hungry at this point in time. And when hungry, it’s really okay to eat some more.

And there are perfectly healthy reasons why you seem to feel like ravishing a juicy steak after a heavy workout. This juicy steak that you’ll be eating in the future must, of course, be the healthy one. No more take out ribs with loads of fatty sauce over it. No, this time you go in for the clean cuts, quite literally, if you don’t mind me saying so. What you look out for is lean cuts and small cuts. Your lean cuts have a minimum amount of fat in it. If you look hard enough, you will even find steak cutlets that are entirely free of fat altogether.

The way to achieve a fat free meat diet is to source from free range options. These animals have been grain fed and roamed open pastures chowing on healthy green grass and cuds before being put to the sword in a humane manner and in accordance with strict guidelines to do with hygiene, ethics and even religion. Your cutlets are called that for a reason. When tucking into a nice juicy steak, you need to keep your portions small. It doesn’t matter how much muscle you’ve already packed on. It does not matter how big you are.

In fact, it does. Those portions that you dish up should be measured in terms of your healthy body mass, bone structure, muscle proportion and overall size. Size does matter, but even so, you’ll find that your meat portions are still going to be a heck of a lot smaller than it used to be. While you’re enjoying smaller meat portions, there’s going to be more room for fresh, green salads and vegetables. You need these because they help combat your lack of oxidants during strenuous exercise sessions. And, of course, your balanced diet is enriched with more vitamins and minerals.

You should be taking a similarly balanced approach to the use of supplements as well. This is where you really need to be careful. Only take supplements if you really need to. If you are the specimen of really poor health at this point in time, make sure that you’ve been checked out by your doctor first. Whether you need supplements or not, your doctor can help you make accurate dietary and supplementary choices in accordance to the current state of affairs where your health is concerned. This same principle applies when you’re ingesting muscle milk.

Only take it if you really need to. You may find that this necessity may still be months away in the sense that your earliest forays into the gym are not nearly as strenuous as they will be later on. It’s then that you’re going to try and make up for your protein and oxidative losses.