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As promised, or rather, as I have been instructed to do, here’s your article on muscle milk. Earlier, my editor asked whether I couldn’t structure our work in my own voice. I’ve done that so far, haven’t I. But as my editor full appreciates, there are topics or subjects related to health and fitness, and weight training that I’m not always privy to or have much experience with. And muscle milk just happens to be one of those. Fortunately, when ed broached this subject with me, I had had some experience with the product however brief and had already put together my thoughts on the issues proposed a while back before doing my research on this after exercise tonic.


On this contentious subject or product, I’m not going to beat about the bush and I’m going to get right on with it. This article is strictly in keeping with the big question being asked; does muscle milk have side effects. It only takes some common sense to realize that pretty much most dietary and vitamin supplements and exercise and muscle boosters will have side effects. But this is not the fault of the product or most of its ingredients. It’s really a natural phenomenon and it mostly has to do with us. It depends on our own physiological make-up and sometimes even with a poor state of health or conditioning.

For instance, if you just take milk as a natural drink, fat free or just as it is, either way, it’s still good for you, fat free or not, not everyone can drink this lovely nourishing milk. In fact, I can tell you right now that I love the drink. But here’s the thing, I drink very little of it, and there’s a good, natural reason for this. You see, the thing is, as healthy and fit as I am, I’ve got IBT, otherwise known as irritable bowel syndrome, which also means that I’ve had to radically adjust my eating habits so that I can keep my bowels in check and healthy.

In other words, it’s all about staying regular for me. But there are more extreme or unfortunate cases where folks, particularly youngsters can never touch a glass of milk. The case here is that from a young age, many people are what are known as being lactose intolerant. So, no milk for them. But actually, no, these folks can still drink milk, only not cow’s milk. The vegans love this, so these folks can still enjoy the fat-free alternatives in the form of the popular almond and coconut drinks. In fact, if I’m not mistaken, you’ll be getting your vegan alternatives in your muscle milk drinks as well, only I’m not entirely sure if they’ll be as effective as the authentic product.

So, what is muscle milk then? Later on, I’ll be giving you your need to know facts on muscle milk. For now though, just this brief note. And then it’s straight on to those dreaded side effects. Muscle milk is essentially an after exercise or weight training tonic used to both replenish some lost reserves and refresh you. It comes in a variety of flavors for those who don’t really like the taste of milk. The big plus for muscle milk drinkers in general is that the tonic is loaded with vitamins and minerals. But, you know what they say; too much of a good thing isn’t always good for you.

A weight gainer

Heads up, guys, if you’re trying to lose weight. Just one glass of this chug contains over three hundred calories. It doesn’t really matter how intense your workout is, it’s still possible that your body could gain in calories instead of shedding the excess pounds or kilos.

Vitamin overload

Consuming far too many vitamins that your body actually needs can actually poison it. Sorry if it sounds like I’m getting a little too technical over here, but I really don’t know how to put this. One glass of muscle milk contains as much as one thousand one hundred IU of vitamin A, and eighty eight IU of vitamin D. These ingredients are soluble in fat, so there’s no guarantee that all the excess from these ingestions will be discarded. Too much of this lot can have a negative impact on your weight, metabolism and even your sex characteristics. Headaches are also a possibility.


In other words, too much muscle milk can cause you to poop or let off those embarrassing farts in the company of others and when you least expect it. So, imagine that you’re in the guys’ locker room straight after your workout, heading off for the shower. Hoo boy! You get the drift. Crystallized fructose is one of the ingredients in muscle milk. It’s also a key ingredient. But too much of this lot can cause your stomach to bloat. Oh…oh, never mind.


That’s my issue. Irritable bowel syndrome. Crystalline fructose can also cause diarrhea in some guys. While I’ve hardly ever had this condition in my life, the diarrhea is common among guys who suffer from IBT.


I used to get that too. Another muscle milk ingredient is sugar fructose. Too much of that in your system can give you stomach cramps. In extreme cases, it can also give you stomach pains. But cowboys don’t cry right, least of all me and a couple of my heroes that you’ll be hearing about later on.

Gives you a lot of zip

It’s not quite the same as drinking loads of coffee, bad for you anyway, but you know that feeling sometimes when you’re so hyper, you’re ready for all kinds of action that gets chucked in your way. Regular muscle milk drinking can pump up your energy levels. During this process, your amino acids and proteins are sent on its way to help grow your muscles and strengthen them. It also aids your ability to become more physically flexible.