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Hi, it’s me, Steve again. Hope my previous two articles on muscle milk were of good use to you. My editor seems to think they’re okay, but we both agree that there’s still a lot more than meets the eye where using muscle milk is concerned. Upon further reading on this contentious subject I came across a line that suggested that not enough facts on muscle milk are doing the rounds on the internet these days. I’m not really in a position to dispute this because I still consider myself to be a relative newbie. But, I’m a positive guy.

And my take on whether you can or can’t use muscle milk like the pros do is simply this. Yes, of course you can, but before you get that far, you’d better know what you’re doing. To help empower you with a little more info on muscle milk and why and how you should be taking it, let my modest little contribution be of service to you. First, I’m going to give some more background info on this phenomenal, and oftentimes, controversial supplement, then I’m going to close off with few more warning lights that you need to be aware of.

Yes, you can use muscle milk

As I said earlier, it appears that not enough is known about this ‘milk’. It is also apparent that in many cases, tests on new products have only been carried out on animals. How’s that supposed to help you and me? After all, the results are going to pan out differently, aren’t they? The qualified consensus remains, however, that for a majority of users using natural milk supplements, no problems prevail. These are your folks who can generally be considered to be in reasonably good health and healthy enough to take on an intense weightlifting workout or long run.

But there are health risks

But if you are grossly overweight and bordering on being declared morbidly obese at this time, don’t even go there. Don’t go to the gym and don’t go to the store to purchase muscle milk. It won’t be the milk’s fault nor can the gym owner be responsible if you suddenly collapse and die. You usually find that gym owners force you to sign a disclaimer absolving them of any damage to you. And who can blame them. It’s your responsibility to head off to your doctor and have yourself checked out first. Only after that can you proceed to a moderate weight reduction schedule while utilizing a healthy, balanced diet.

Those who shouldn’t be using muscle milk

There could be genetic dispositions for certain population groups placing them at risk when ingesting an excessive amount of muscle milk. Pregnant and nursing mothers should not be taking this ‘artificial’ milk at any costs. If doctors have diagnosed their patients to be suffering from heart disease or diabetes, they’ll likely be warning them off potentially harmful supplements.

Large intake of protein can damage kidneys

Those with weak kidneys won’t be allowed to touch the stuff either. In any case, excessive amounts of protein intake, as is the likely case when drinking muscle milk along with a diet already rich in protein, can potentially disrupt proper kidney functioning. Those with vulnerable kidneys for whatever reason will be placed on alternative diets.

Harmful ingredients from the wrong sources

Unfortunately, the online shopping basket cannot be effectively policed as would be the case in real life. So it stands to good reason that a lot of artificial products or false imitations are going to slip through the cracks and into the baskets of unwitting or ignorant shoppers. The case is no different where muscle milk is concerned. Let’s look at a few harmful ingredients that you will find in commercially produced packs that possibly haven’t been authentically approved for use.

  • Glycocyamine – The inclusion of this chemical compound can cause raised levels of homocysteine which, in turn, could lead to a whole host of other medical problems. Some scientists believe that glycocyamine is also a neurotoxin.
  • Heavy metals – The frequent use of muscle milk can expose vulnerable users to excessive levels of heavy metals, far more than their body can manage. Potential culprits include vanilla flavored versions. Alarmingly, twelve micrograms of lead can be contained in three daily servings of this flavor. Worse still is your chocolate flavor, some artificial lines containing mercury and arsenic.
  • Homocysteine – The amino acid that is manufactured during this uptake is a stop-gap which could lead to blood clots, strokes and heart related issues. Also, when homocysteine levels are increased, abnormal levels of hypothyroidism and blood levels are possible.

Doesn’t this last list of ingredients want to make your stomach churn or turn? It gave mine a turn when I first read this lot. The earlier points, however, did make perfectly good commonsense to me. Those lines also express my sentiments as well. Now might be the time to close off with a little encouragement. While you should always take online information at face value, there are always ways and means that allow you to authenticate the product information. Now that I think about it, I like to think that this advisory practice is a good characteristic of being a consummate fitness hack.

So, after my adoration of one Arnold Schwarzenegger as one of my ideal health and fitness role models, look out for my article on my take on fitness hacks. Anyway, it’s almost time to go, so I’d like to close off with encouragement. If you’re in good shape to take your muscle milk, all you really have to do is make sure that your natural supplement is authentic. Make every effort to ensure that it has been approved for use by your local health authorities. If you’re short on that, you can always check to see what the US Food and Drug Administration has to say about this product.