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Hi guys, it’s me, Steve, your fitness blogger.

In case you really are still wondering, I’m into keeping fit and healthy and all the juicy stuff that’s necessary to keep me that way. Before I fill you in on what I’m planning to do with my first batch of articles on health and fitness, let me fill you in a bit about the guy called Steve. Steve is probably pretty much the same as many of you guys out there.

He could have called himself just another average Joe. Maybe he was once upon a time, but now, of course, he’s nowhere near as close to being plain old average. Maybe you’re in that category right now, so maybe now’s also a good time to go and take a good look at yourself in the mirror. If you find yourself not being able to view your full body in the entire body sized mirror, well then, you’d better believe that you’ve got a serious problem.

That’s still today’s average Joe. He’s heavily overweight and he’s wearing crappy looking clothes because he can no longer squeeze into anything else that’s cool and stylish to wear these days. I’ll be honest with you, hope you’re really not one of those guys, but even if you’re not, you know, now is not the time to rest easy. Depending on your age, you might not be in the best shape and health that your human body and mind is designed to be. So, go ahead, guys go and take another look at yourself in the mirror. Take off your top as well and do what they call in the boxing ring a tale of the tape.

And then go step on a scale and see how much you weigh in kilos, pounds or stone, depending what metric scales are being used in your part of the world. Chances are good that your weight is not ideal in terms of your body size, height, age and bone mass. And there’s much that you can do about it. There’s no tricks involved and it’s actually quite easy once you push yourself to get going. And that’s where Steve, that’s me, comes in. I’m actually a writer by trade and I have to tell you that it’s not all that easy to make a good living from this noble craft.
In order to pay the bills, you just have to write what your clients tell you to write; even if it’s about stuff you don’t really believe in. But once in a blue moon, an opportunity falls into your lap. So, just the other day, this guy with whom I’ve worked before, emails me and asks me; why don’t you set up a blog about health and fitness? He’s actually more of a fitness freak than I am, but you see, the thing is, he can’t write to save his backside. No worries, dude, just saying. Anyway, it was he’s idea all along and so while I do all the writing he’s going to link up with you guys and give us enough exposure to help us pay the bills.

Okay, guys, I’ve been having so much fun chatting to you that it looks as though I’m not going to have enough time and space left over to fill you in on what I plan to do in the next few posts. So, here’s what I am going to do. I’m going to carry on with this conversation in the very next post, the first of many, I hope. Hope you’ve been enjoying it so far.