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Guys, I really love it when I get to start a blog post in this way. In fact, I had been thinking how I was going to press it since I published my very first post to you. That was a short introduction and it was also meant to give you guys a bit of a tale of the tape on how we plan to run this blog in the near future. Now, I don’t have a crystal ball in front of me, so I can’t look too deeply beyond this first series of posts. And this guy I was telling you about in that first post, well, I guess he’s going to be my editor for now. He’s got some great ideas and he’s also set us some deadlines going forward.

So, I guess we’d better get a move on then. Yes, I’ve decided that from time to time I will be referring to the plural persona. You see if it wasn’t for my ed maybe I wouldn’t be around telling you this story and getting paid for it as well. I’d think I’d like to have a chat with him about those wages but that’s going to have to be another story for another day. So, let’s get cracking then, shall we. Anyway, the reason why I like this style of carving up the blog post or article into several headings or themes is so there’s more variety.


Variety, as they say, is the spice of life. Also, this style is a little easier on the readers’ eye. So, instead of getting too tied up and tense on one serious topic, the reader gets to smile a while and enjoy his reading a bit more. Also, I’ve decided to stick with this strategy. Like I was saying in our first post, any unfinished business will be carried over into the next post. I think that’s when you start serializing your work. Also, it does give you guys something to look forward to. Now, the original topic idea for this blog post was going to be a short discussion on how healthy minds and bodies come together and what I define as your proverbial healthy appetite particularly when active.

As you can see from the article heading, we’re still going to do that, but as promised earlier, we’re still chatting about the guy called Steve (that’s me) the fitness guy and how he and his pal plan to push forward with the next series of posts. And then I’d like to close off with a treat. That came in as an afterthought. More about that later. Okay, so this is it then, and I’ll tell you this much, my pal the editor is behind some of the ideas going forward. In fact, his big issue is going to be touched on in the next article after this one.


He wants me to feed you something on the topical or contentious (depends on how you view the subject, I guess) question; does muscle milk have side effects. That’s his concern. My big concern is reserved for the next article, and it deals with the importance of keeping a good check, and following the program, on a healthy, balanced diet to match up to your exercise or fitness regime imperatives. My take on this subject is introspective with a smattering of palatable advice here and there. Nothing much to stomach, just to help you guys on your way.
And brace yourself, guys, as per my editor’s instructions, there’s going to be more talk on those muscle milk drinks. But good old ed’s also left me to come with my own ideas. The fitness foodies topics having been done and dusted, I’m going to be moving right on to helping you set your own fitness goals. And then you guys get to go off and do your homework, all at your own pace of course, because we’re no hard taskmasters over here, we’ve just got bloody deadlines to meet. That’s our worry, guys. You guys just get to enjoy your reading.


And then you’re in for a couple of big treats. That’s all I’m going to say about that. Okay, maybe a clue then. Guys, it’s called inspirational reading and I hope it motivates you to start pushing and shoving. Anyway, let’s talk quickly about that healthy appetite of yours. You guys who have never exercised or lifted weights a day in your life have got it all wrong. Being continuously hungry and feeling all nice and full after a good, large meal does not equal a healthy appetite. Because, have you noticed, particularly after you’ve been downing crisps, pizza slices and burgers and fries, you’re hungry all over again.


Guys, that’s not a healthy appetite and, in fact, it makes me want to, you know what, just thinking about it. No, it is healthy to be hungry. But only after your body’s had a good workout. And then it’s into healthy food, not the junk you’ve been shoveling down all these years. And speaking of which, when the body is healthy and well satisfied that its master has done all that was rightfully required, the mind is happy as well. A healthy, active body equals a mind that is more at peace with itself and less stressed out.


Okay, so there you go, I’ve actually said what I wanted to say, all in one post. It’s just this last bit and then we’re done for the day. One of my big celebrity heroes is into boxing these days. And when they do that tale of the tape before professional bouts, it’s to see that the two prizefighters meet the minimum weight requirements in accordance with their division.